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Small, Medium and Large

Small, Medium and Large

Anyone who teaches Bible study knows they learn more than their students!  I have been teaching Sunday School at my church and we are using In the Beginning: Genesis 1-11 as our lesson each week.  I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at this study over the last four years; writing it, teaching it, then editing it, publishing it, then teaching it again.

There are many things I learned from Genesis that continue to stand out to me.  One thing in particular has made a very big impression on me.  It was the chapter on God’s work ethic.  I find my mind reflecting on it often as I navigate the new role of being an author with a website, blog, and two social media pages.

I was visiting with my publisher yesterday, explaining how I feel so scattered because there is so much to work on.  I am currently working on my second book in the Genesis series and I really hope to have it launched by the fall.  However, I have other “to dos’ tugging at me.  I get extremely frustrated with finding time to get it all done.  Probably my most frustrating challenge is getting my old lecture/sermons uploaded onto my website.  If you have been wondering why there are only two, I’ll explain.

I have grown in my walk with the Lord and I have grown in my knowledge.  I look on these old lecture/sermons and remember the growth I saw in my ladies as I delivered these messages to my class.  Part of my challenge is to leave them alone and not try to “doctor them up” with new insight.  This tends to be a bad idea.  It can cause me to get off track of the original lesson I was teaching at the time.

I really want to get these sermons uploaded to my website but here is my other challenge…. When I begin recording the sermon, the yard man starts his leaf blower!  So,….I start over.  Then Jake, my golden retriever, decides to take a nap by my desk and begins to snore!  Like a freight train!  Ugh!  If it is not one thing, it is another.

Having said all that, I suppose it is time to get to my point.  Here are the problems that frustrate me:  I have too many things I need to work on.  I have blogs to post, social media posts that need to be consistent, lecture/sermons I need to download, AND a second book to write and publish.  Most of all, my lecture/sermons are far more time consuming to record than I ever anticipated.

Those who know me know I’m somewhat of a perfectionist.  Perfectionism is counter productive when it gets in the way of your productivity.  So what if Jake snores throughout my audio recording??  I need to get over it! As my publisher said, your listeners are tuning in to hear your message.  They will think you are real if you have a snoring dog in the background.  Well, I am real and from now on, what you “hear” is what you are going to get.

Now, here is the real point I want to make that I hope helps you!  Trying to do things “perfectly” can be unproductive.  Also, I have learned I need small, medium, and large goals.  I need daily goals, weekly goals and bi-annual goals.

Your SMALL goals can be daily “to dos” that help you reach your weekly goal.  My “small” goals need to consist of moving around appointments so I condense my errands and appointments into one or two days.  This leaves me three open days to focus on my weekly goal.

Your MEDIUM goals can be weekly “to dos”.  They might be things that have to consistently happen on a regular basis.  For me, my weekly goal needs to be 3 media posts and a blog.  This is done well if my SMALL goals are met as I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Your LARGE goals are things that evolve through a process.  These LARGE goals can be bi-annual.  They take more time, preparation, and thought.  My large project would be writing a Bible study over six months and then turn it over to my publisher.  The other six months can be recording my sermons onto my website.  This way, I am laser focused on writing the book.  When it is done, I can get laser focused on recording my old lecture/sermons.

This brings me to my final and very powerful point!  In Genesis chapter 1, God created the universe and everything in it in six 24 hour days.  He only focused on one project at a time.  When he was done at the end of each day, he saw that his work was good and it was finished!

I don’t know about you, but I am having to re-learn time management in this new role as author and blogger.  When our role in life changes, we must change.  Our routines, goals, expectations, and time management must change, as well.

Take it from the pro…In Genesis 1:31 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

God was laser focused, he kept his “to do” list simple and achievable.  He finished his work each day and saw that it was good before he began the next project.  Yes, I know what you are thinking….He is God.  God can do anything.  I believe God was making a point in Genesis chapter one.  It serves as a great example of a solid work ethic!  I know I will sleep better when, at the end of the day, I can see that my work is good and it is finished!

What about you?  Are you going to make small, medium, and large goals for yourself?  I am going to do that for me and I hope you will, too.

I would love to hear how this has encouraged you.  Please leave a comment below.  It encourages me to keep writing.

Until next time…!


Janice Bobanis

Well, this is next time…..WestBow Press endorsed my first Bible study titled In the Beginning: Genesis 1-11.  This has required me to take a break from loading sermons and writing the next Bible study.  It is now published and I am currently working on the publicity campaign with WestBow Press.  I will refrain from recording my sermons and eventually revert them into blog posts.  I have had to make some adjustments on this journey.  I am always learning that God’s plan is so much better than my own.  I hope you will visit my new website. There, you will find more blogs and other important information!


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