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What Readers Are Saying:

 “Janice’s Genesis study provides unaltered, biblical facts and perspective along with life applications that resonate in the heart and change your life. The content was like a movie being played out in theater daily. I see the repercussions of the Book not being followed today. I highly recommend it!” — Patti C.

“Many people feel the Old Testament is a dusty, old book that is not worthy of notice. Janice’s passion for the Word brought Genesis to life for me. In a world where truth is in short supply, you’ll find it here and learn how relevant and applicable it is for us today. I loved this study!!” — Sheryl R.

 “A great bible study for the new Christian. Concise, simplified, and explained God’s laws on plants, genetically modified foods and interbreeding of animals. Kept interest at a peak!” — Laurel O.

 “I have gone to church my whole life and have studied the Bible. However, I still never really understood the parts of the Old Testament until I went through Janice’s Genesis study. It is easy to follow and straightforward. I highly recommend this study for anyone who yearns to learn more about the bible teachings.” — Daphne F.

 “This bible study gives a fresh look at God’s original blue print for our lives today. In depth, yet easy to understand; this bible study is so applicable. I highly recommend it — Debbie V.

 “This is a clear cut, easy to understand, foundational bible study that shows the intentionality of God and his never-ending love for his children. I highly recommend this introduction to the Word of God.”— Cynthia C.

 “Love this book! Brings me great satisfaction every time I read a new chapter and reflect on how the chapter actually refers to my life. A great way to actively read the Bible and get back to God!” — Gray

 “Is discomfort in your body about the direction of the world? Do you lie awake wondering why honest values, community, integrity leadership, and physical health seam to be withering away? This book will help you find the root of many of those concerns, and may even inspire actions that you may have never thought you had in you.

 The conclusions reached and so beautifully organized by Janice Bobanis are not for the ”feel good” Sunday School class. Prepare yourself to go deep into the oldest truths in written text. These truths expose the lost hope in the systems created by man and begin to remove the debris from the trail back home.

 For me, personally, I found Bobanis’ approach to Noah the most reassuring. She confirmed for me that others have “heard/felt” God’s wisdom and have had the faith to act on that wisdom. I did not realize that Noah had worked on the ark for 120 years before the first rains. All but EIGHT people called him crazy. Can you imagine how hard that must have been? Lonely, physically difficult, and mentally exhausting for a period longer than a modern lifespan. Clearly, a level of faith not known today.

 I encourage everyone to dive deep into the Old Testament with this book as your guide.” — Spencer M.

 “This book makes you think about what you believe; or is it what you were taught to believe? The author dives deep into scripture making you want to research for yourself to find the answers. The author reminds us that God has all the answers for us in His word! Excellent! — CeCe

 “When reading the lessons, I found them so much easier to read than the Bible. This has helped me retain what I am reading. The author is such a wonderful writer in the way that she helps you understand the Word in its purist form. Which is the way everything should be. — Lisa H.

 “Great teachings! So many people don’t talk about the truth that Janice talks about in “In the Beginning”. I highly recommend doing this with a small group.” — Claire. G

 “This book has the simple truth and is easy to read!”
P. Leeper


Increase your Biblical knowledge

As Janice says, “It doesn’t matter what we think, it only matters what God says about it.” She writes this book and brings forth rich truths. Read this book/study to be inspired, encouraged and changed. Excellent!

I like that this book is easy to understand. It takes a deep dive to answer many thought-provoking questions about God’s laws. It makes you want to dig and read more to find the answers.

The author reminds us that God has the answers in His word. This book is excellent for a small/large group study.